Some Common Bad Effects Of Smoking.

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Smoking means in healing smoke by burning cigarette or tobacco products. It is the exercise where a tobacco substance is burnt that vomits smoke and a smoker inhales it. It is the one of the most burning issues in the twenty first century. Every aged person like young, adult, child, women and old are affected with this bad and dreadful habit. Smoking is dangerous and harmful to any body and health. The system may vary from person to person. Cigarette, pipe,or hookah are remarkable. Smoking element is basically dependent on tobacco products. Cigarette contains many toxic elements. Nicotine is the… [বিস্তারিত পড়ুন] »

Tree Plantation for twenty first century.

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image of strawberry

Tree plantation means planting more and more small trees or seeds in an area.  Trees are friends for men. Where there are no trees  there are deserts in the world, like Sahara, Gobi, Kalahari, karoo desert, Namib desert, Danakil desert, Grand Bara desert, Ogaden desert, Chalbi desert, Nyiri desert, Lompoul desert, Sinai desert, Blue desert, Atlantic Coastal desert, Arabian Desert, Judaean desert, Kara Kum desert, Lop Desert Dengeness desert, Carcross desert, Rhn desert, Central velley desert, Atacama desert,Gibson desert, Great Sandy desert,Simpson desert,Tanami desert, and other deserts. “Where there is tree, there is life.” Tree and human life are vitally… [বিস্তারিত পড়ুন] »

How to write a perfect sentence?

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If you want to make a perfect sentence you can follow the structures: (1). Subject + Intransitive Verb Briefly = S + I.V Examples: Habib is sleeping. Rakib is swimming. The moon peeps behind the hill. Note: Intransitive verb are those verb that has no object. So, there will be no object after intransitive verb. (If you ask question to verb with “who” and get answer, you will get subject.  If you ask question to verb with “whom” “what” and get answer, you will get object.  Who is sleeping? The answer is Habib. What is sleeping? There is no answer.… [বিস্তারিত পড়ুন] »

Rules of Subject verb agreement.

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Subject verb agreement means that verb agrees with the subject according to number and person. Verb behaves with the change of number and person. Let’s know some rules of subject verb agreement. 1.When subject is singular, verb takes the form of singular. When subject is plural, verb takes the form of plural. Example: There is a book on the table. We are very happy for our independence. Here is and are take the form of singular and plural form respectively. 2.Verb takes the form of singular if any subject comes after each, every, any, everyone, someone, anything and nothing. Example:… [বিস্তারিত পড়ুন] »