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Month: মে ২০১৮

CRYPTOADS MARKETPLACE- A powerful advertising platform built on Ethereum

What is CryptoAds? CryptoAds Marketplace is a powerful decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. CFC Company developed a cloud based software system for internal use and in the B2C sector; and now it’s time to expand into the growing B2B marketplace. The platform is completely transparent and provides secure solutions for […]

Treon brings crypto revolution to Utility Payments

About Treon (TXO) Treon (TXO) is a “utility token” based on the Ethereum blockchain that will securely and seamlessly help consumers to pay for their usage of utilities like, telecom, electricity, water, natural gas through a mobile wallet and app that is connected to the utility companies that they are subscribed to through a consolidated […]

Homeland- A Mortgage Crowdfunding Platform

Homelend’s P2P mortgage lending mechanism Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, also known as “alternative finance,” is the process by which individuals can borrow and lend from each other without the intervention of banks or other financial intermediaries.  Homelend P2P platform works by embedding mortgage lending business logic into smart contracts. This is the platform’s core functionality. By […]

XYO Network-Crypto Location Oracle Network

About XYO Network The XYO Network (XY Oracle Network) is an abstraction that enables layered, location verification across many device classes and protocols. The XYO Network has been working towards the concept of enabling developers, such as those writing smart contracts for blockchain platforms, to interact with the physical world as if it were an API. […]

MST Coin-Decentralize AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

About MST MST AI Intelligence Trading platform is an ambitious project, handcrafted in Thailand and India to deliver the next generation trading experiences by revolutionizing the AI Trading industry by providing 0% BTC deduction exchange to maximize trader’s profit. MST is a brand new AI Intelligence trading platform handcrafted in Thailand and India But not new […]

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