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BAANX-The 1st Crypto-Financial Services Network

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What is BAANX?

BAANX is the 1st Crypto-Financial Services Network is here with a team having 100 years in Banking & Technology. Currently in the Blockchain Crypto-Financial Services market there are huge gaps across product lines such as Crypto balance Insurance, Crypo-Payments, Exchanges, Highly Secure Wallets and the release of Cryptobank services. Baanx has already delivered millions in the consumer lending market and is now releasing not just the Baanx brand of these hugely innovative products through an accessible mobile application , but becoming the “Amazon of Financial Services” and allowing businesses, charities and individuals to launch Crypto-Financial Services brands on our trusted Blockchain Platform to share our Bank Licenses and create the World’s 1st Crypto-Financial Services Network. We are taking the enormous opportunity to be the “Amazon of Crypto-Financial Services”.

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Baanx Group

Baanx brands have completed millions in consumer loans, we are licensed and applying for permissions to cover the EU. We have utilised AI & Automation to manage operations and are delivering superb Crypto-Financial Services Products in a potential $10 trillion market


Mobile Crypto-Payments

Baanx Products Include a superb Cryptocurrency Mobile Payment Application with a Virtual & Physical Card option. Our system transfers your Cryptocurrency into Fiat at the Point of Sale, so you can use anywhere in the world, with integration into ApplePay and AndroidPay. Fast, cheap and needed.

Cryptocurrency Insurance

Baanx is highly secure. Our wallets are built by a team with over 100 years Finance sector experience, who have worked with Mastercard, Visa, JP Morgan, Commerzbank with international acclaim in the mobile security sector. Baanx offers the first Cryptocurrency Insured wallet balances to the market, greatly needed.

Super-Fast Exchange

Baanx’s Super-Fast Exchange is launching into a market with less than 200 competitors, yet trading $30 billion per day. Baanx launches 115 coins and with our decentralised ownership expansion model and low cost ethos we expect very fast trading growth.

Price Lock Hedging

Baanx is finalising the technology release in Q3 2018 for Price Lock Hedging in Cryptocurrency. Price Lock means you can click a button on your mobile and lock in your Crypto Price for a set period of time for a small fee. Perfect for market instability and traders!

Faster Payment Service FPS

Baanx integrates into the EU Faster Payment Service and will allow same day Crypto to Fiat and Fiat to Crypto transfers and trading without limits. This huge step forwards creates a massive advantage and attraction in the EU and later worldwide.

100 Crypto-Financial Services Brands

Baanx Group is not only launching 1 brand in 1 country. We have a clear business plan to release 100 new Crypto-Financial Services brands into the market. We are using existing companies with existing followings to drive customer acquisition through trusted brands.. Decentralised Ownership will disrupt Traditional Banking massively, putting Baanx in a dominant market position fast.

Cryptobank Services

Baanx is focused on global Cryptobank services across the EU, Asia and later the US as we grow the network fast. Baanx will be delivering phase 2 products across lending, savings, deposits and investments and has a fast-track roadmap on both licensing and product releases. Our shared license model will enable fantastic commercial and ethical advantages.

Baanx Open API Access

Baanx drives Blockchain & Cryptocurrency use to everyday Mobile Financial Services and creates huge efficiencies and savings with AI & Automation. External Developer Financial Apps will be released extensively to our future 100 Brands customers creating huge variety to a platform with plans to have over 10m customers by June 2019.


*Extensive market research, negotiations with potential brands.
*ICO planning, website ICO
* ICO launch and end Q2
* Start of License applications
*Strong growth of initial cryptoservices
*’s services reaching 1 million clients within areas covered by licenses.
* 2100 cryptobanks licensed.
*US banking license
* Opeaning of partners network with full service portfolio and POP on six continents.

Token Distribution

  • 56% ICO Crowdsales
  • 12% Reserve (locked for 12 months)
  • 6.4% Advisors (locked over 12 months with buy back)
  • 16% Early Investors, Team & Developers (Locked up to 30 months)
  • 9.6% Marketing (mainly post-ICO and with bounty buy back offer)


ICO Pre-Sale Details

Register to participate! : Pre-Sale starts on the 8th April 2018 at 1pm UTC
Symbol : BXX

Pre-Sale – 1 BAANX = €0.075 / $0.093 at the Pre-Sale

Quantity : 8% Tokens available at Pre-Sale, 100 million BAANX Coin

How to participate : Join the Baanx Revolution and Remove the Traditional Bank Monopoly

25% discounts on Pre-Sale token purchase.

ICO – 1 BAANX = €0.1 / $0.125 at the ICO.

ICO 10th May to 29th June 2018
$0.122 per BAANX BXX = 200m available = $24,400,000
TOTAL AMOUNT = $36,850,000

Important links of BAANX

ANN Thread=
My Bitcointalk Username= Mungurul
Bitcointalk Profile=;u=1014315
Myetherwallet= 0xf6cd3f4FB6ff269271FC56C205C5b0a8b2Cc3650


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