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BaapPay-The Evolution of the Payment Platform

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About BaapPay

BaapPay is a multi-layered platform that integrates both fiat and cryptocurrency payment services for merchants, that will confirm and guarantee all payments in seconds.The payment platform is built to work with existing credit card infrastructure; including credit card and debit and will engage the protocols for payment processing and cryptocurrency flows analogous to conventional electronic systems of payments. This idea would permit faster and easier cryptocurrency adoption and to be considered as a platform for mainstream payments that would in turn provide the merchants with higher level of ease to accept cryptocurrencies.

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Features of BaapPay

*BaapPay will carry the major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH and our own BAAP Tokens.
*BaapPay will always be evaluating which cryptocurrencies should be added to our platform, and we will listen to the feedback from both consumers and merchants regarding the cryptocurrencies that are most popularly asked for which we may not have listed at that time.
*Peer-to-Peer Transactions for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
*Pay for online purchases using your credit/debit cards or cryptocurrencies
*Merchants will have a choice to either automatically convert the cryptocurrency into fiat or keep the Merchants will have a choice to either automatically convert the cryptocurrency into fiat or keep the cryptocurrency, which they can either convert later-on or spend as cryptocurrency.
*BaapPay will connect Credit, Debit cards, different cryptocurrencies and Bank accounts into one account interface, thus allowing the account holder to transfer money to other BaapPay account holders.
*Sellers will be able to add a BaapPay purchase/order button on their websites, and blogs within minutes.

BaapPay Wallet

This wallet runs on the cloud and is accessible from any computing device in any location. This wallet will allow you to convert from fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa. In this wallet, only the customer would have access to the private keys. The wallet would be downloaded and installed onto either a PC, laptop, tablet or phone. The wallet is only accessible from the device that it is downloaded onto. This wallet could be paired with other devices, using the same private keys.

baappay wallet

BaapPay Road Map

  • 2017 Q1 Research for development
  • 2017 Q2 Alpha Web App POS web based software
  • 2017 Q4 Beta Web App POS release
  • 2018 Q1 White papers 1.0 Pre-sale Token Sale
  • 2018 Q2 Web App POS release 1.1 Fully integrated Web App POS system
  • 2018 Q3 Smart Terminal SPOS & Mobile device MPOS release Payment terminal integration with Web App POS Web app POS Google Play App & IOS App
    Will connect your phone/table to our POS & Smart Terminals 2018 Q4 Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • BAAP based Wallet and Customer own Private Keys Wallet
  • 2019 Q1 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Alpha version Payment Gateway which can accept Cryptocurrency
  • 2019 Q2 Fiat Payment Gateway Alpha Version
  • 2019 Q3 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Beta version
  • 2019 Q4 Android BaapWorld App Store Beta: Users can start developing apps
  • 2020 Q1 Cryptocurrency & Fiat Payment Gateway Release 1.0
  • 2020 Q2 Android BaapWorld App Store Release of BaapWorld 1.1

BaapPay Token Sale

Platform: ERC 20
Price 1 eth= 4200 BAPP
March 1 –   March   20%    = 5040 BAAP
March 27- April 5,   15%   = 4830 BAAP
April 5-     April 15, 10%   = 4620 BAAP
April 15-   April 25   5%    = 4410 BAAP
April 25-   April 30            = 4200 BAAP

Some Important Links of BaapPay

ANN Thread=
Bounty Thread=
My Bitcointalk Username= Mungurul
Bitcointalk Profile=;u=1014315
Myetherwallet= 0xf6cd3f4FB6ff269271FC56C205C5b0a8b2Cc3650
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