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About Bob’s Repair

Anyone that has hired a contractor in recent years for home repairs has faced three
problems: false information due to review fraud, hidden costs due to advertising fees,
and inflated prices due to lack of pricing transparency. These problems trick consumers
into making poor decisions and wasting money. Bob’s Repair is the solution. Bob’s Repair is bringing trust and fair pricing back to consumers by launching a decentralized marketplace built upon blockchain technology that connects contractors directly to consumers. Over the past three years, the Prandecki brothers successfully operated an automated Skilled Trade Worker Platform (STWP) that directly connected consumers to contractors, transacting  over $1,000,000 USD in revenue and facilitating over 50,000 service calls. Despite this success, the founders recognized that the STWP could not solve the three major problems facing consumers and contractors in the skilled trade industry.
bob's repair

The Solution of Bob’s Repair

To solve review fraud, hidden costs due to advertising fees, and inflated costs to lack of pricing transparency, Bob’s Repair will build the Bob Application on the STEEM blockchain. The Bob Application will consist of a sophisticated iOS, Android, and web application. The Bob Application leverages blockchain technology to fight review fraud. The Bob Application will be built on the STEEM blockchain due to its three second transaction time and no transaction costs. The Bob Application will store all financial transactions that take place on Bob’s Repair on the blockchain. Then, when both sides of a transaction – consumer and contractor – leave a review, Bob’s Repair will link that review to the actual financial transaction. By linking reviews with actual financial transactions, consumers can trust that the review is real and unaltered. Real reviews, from real consumers, provides better information so consumers can make better decisions. The BOB token is a utility token that allows users to access and use a network of skilled trade
workers as well as a smart contract based escrow service for home repair, new construction and other service jobs.

BOB Token Sale

To participate in the BOB Token Sale, purchasers must register on the Bob’s Repair website ( ) and (1) complete a Know your customer (KYC) form, (2) complete an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) form, and (3) provide the ETH address the purchasers want the BOB Tokens sent to. After completing these steps, Bob’s Repair will provide the purchaser with addresses where they can send cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH) or fiat money.
Token price ● 1 ETH = 6000 BOB Tokens
● Deposits in non-ETH currencies will be converted by the rate at the time of deposit
according to the Kraken exchange.
● Pre-Sale Bonuses:
○ 0 – 2000 ETH collected: 30% bonus
○ 2000 – 3000 ETH collected: 25% bonus
○ 3000 – 4000 ETH collected: 23% bonus
○ 4500 – 6000 ETH collected: 20% bonus
● Main Sale Bonuses (depends on purchase amount):
○ If between April 4 and April 9 (GMT)
■ 100 ETH or more – 20% bonus
■ 10 – 100 ETH – 16.5% bonus
■ 0 – 10 ETH – 14% bonus 20 / 29
○ If between April 10 and April 16 (GMT)
■ 100 ETH or more – 15% bonus
■ 10 – 100 ETH – 11.5% bonus
■ Less than 10 ETH – 6.5% bonus
○ If between April 17 and April 23 (GMT)
■ 100 ETH or more – 10% bonus
■ 10 – 100 ETH – 7.5% bonus
■ Less than 10 ETH – 5% bonus
○ If between April 24 and April 30
■ All contributions – 0% bonus
Token Supply after Main Sale 360,000,000 BOB tokens
Pre-Sale hard cap: 6,000 ETH
Hard cap (maximum amount to be collected during Pre-Sale and Main Token Sale)
30,000 ETH
Soft cap (if this amount is not collected, then money collected during the Main Sale is refunded) 6,000 ETH
Pre-sale start: 04 Jan 2018
Pre-sale end: 04 Feb 2018 or after collecting Pre-sale hard cap

(100% Successfully completed)

Main sale start: 04 Apr 2018
Main sale end: 04 May 2018 or after collecting Main Sale hard cap
After the Pre-Sale and Main sale end, tokens will be distributed:
● 50 percent of outstanding BOB Tokens – Purchasers (Pre-sale and Main Sale)
● 20 percent of outstanding BOB Tokens – Management Team (vested over 18 months)
21 / 29
● 10 percent of outstanding BOB Tokens – Legal
● 20 percent of outstanding BOB Tokens – Reserve


*** Q-2 (2014)= Skilled Trade Platform

The Prandecki brothers  begin connecting consumers to contractors in a fair and transparent manner.

*** Q-3 (2017)=

 A Decentralized Platform

Having serviced 55000 customers, the Prandecki brothers announce the plans for the Bob’s Repair decentralized platform.

*** January 4th (2018)= Token Pre-Sale

Presale opens for the sale of 6000 ETH worth Bob’s Repair tokens.

April 2018= Prototype Launch

The Bob’s Repair smart contract skilled trade prototype is launched.

April 4 (2018)= Mail sale

Mail sale starts for the total sale of 30000 ETH worth of Bob’s Repair tokens.

Q-2 (2018) Full Platform Development

Development of the Bob’s Repair platform begins

Q-3 (2018)= App Development

The Platform and applications enter a community stage before launched.

Q-4(2018) Launched

The Bob’s Repair decentralized skilled trade platform in launched.

Some Important Links of  Bob’s Repair

My Bitcointalk Username= Mungurul
Bitcointalk Profile=;u=1014315
Myetherwallet= 0xf6cd3f4FB6ff269271FC56C205C5b0a8b2Cc3650


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