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About Dealjoy

Dealjoy is a privacy-focused global cashback network designed to connect online shoppers and professional marketers with leading merchants, to provide instant crypto commissions. The Dealjoy Protocol enables instant payouts for consumers, content creators, and dropshippers, for the first time ever. Dealjoy for Business offers next-generation tools and revenue-tracking models for professional high-volume marketers. The Dealjoy Cashback Program provides online shoppers with instant cashbacks and a new level of user privacy.

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Our revolutionary solution to the problem is the Dealjoy Ecosystem; Dealjoy cashback program, Dealjoy for Business, and Dealjoy TCS Protocol which pays commissions out in Ethereum compatible DEAL tokens. The Dealjoy TCS Protocol takes care of the commission splits and enables instant payments by utilizing blockchain to resolve the trust issues between merchants and other parties. Instead of dealing with international wire transfers, consequently requiring minimum payout limits and cutting down cashback percentages due to high payment processing fees, this solution allows us to concentrate on providing the best user experience and to build the next-generation tools for consumers and professional marketers. Dealjoy for Business is a professional level affiliate marketing platform optimized for dropshippers, content creators Dealjoy | Page 8 and small merchants that aim to scale up their business conveniently.


The Dealjoy Trustless Commission Sharing Protocol eliminates the issues that occur when orders are refunded or returned to the merchant. Affiliate commissions are paid only for orders that are not returned to the merchant or refunded for being damaged in shipment, lost package, etc. The typical waiting period for merchants to approve and pay out commissions is at least four weeks from the date of purchase. The standard practice among existing cashback providers is to subject all cashback payouts to a waiting period. That is something we clearly wanted to avoid, so we came up with an innovative solution to enable instant payouts. Our solution is based on The Dealjoy Trustless Commission Sharing Protocol which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to solve the fundamental issues of trust between Dealjoy Network participants.



For the first time ever, professional affiliate marketers, dropshippers and growing merchants are brought under the same roof; the nextgeneration affiliate marketing platform called Dealjoy for Business. Joining Dealjoy for Business is easy and essentially free since it requires only staking a number of DEAL tokens through the Dealjoy TCS Protocol. After the token stake is provided, the user can immediately start to benefit from the professional tools included in the membership.



The core of our consumer side of business is the Dealjoy platform— an all-in-one dashboard for exploring and finding the best and most exciting cashback offering vendors. Dealjoy can be accessed through the web platform and our upcoming native Android and iOS apps. Members can browse through Dealjoy’s virtual catalog of their favorite merchants and seek the best deals to earn DEAL tokens for purchases. When a customer finds an interesting merchant or deal, they can proceed to the website and start shopping.

Token Sale

Token Symbol: DEAL

Max Token Supply: 1,400,000,000 DEAL

Token Standard: ERC20

Initial Rate: 1 ETH = 40,000 DEAL

Token for Sale: 980,000,000 DEAL (70%)

Soft Cap: $1,700,000.00

Hard Cap: $8,400,000.00



70% Private/Public Sale

10% Company Reserve

10% Team

5% Strategic Advisors

5% Marketing



40% Development

30% Marketing

15% Strategic partnerships

10% Operations

5% Legal



Q3 2018

Website and Whitepaper live, Community building, Private sale

Q4 2018

Token Sale, Platform development, Team extension

Q1 2019

Dealjoy open Beta, Merchant onboarding, Mobile App development

Q2 2019

Global public platform launch, 100+ merchants supported, Mobile Apps Live

Q3 2019

Dealjoy for Business live, 500+ merchants supported, Global Promotion

Q4 2019

DealShop and DealFeed live, 1000+ merchants supported, Positioning among top cashback providers


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