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Ecex Exchange – Ziggurat (ZIG) Token ICO

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About Ecex.Exchange

Ecex.Exchange is registered trademark of PlanetZiggurat. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  PlanetZiggurat goal is to bring assignments on Ecex.Exchange trading platform. We will fill the gap by creating a market environment, system for active trading platform of assignment agreements. This means changing of owners of a multitude of agreements and documents, such as claims, invoices and factoring agreements etc. PlanetZiggurat will spread all relevant trading data to leading brokerage firms and online brokerage firms. We will make arrangements that will get the existing investor community connected to the new assignment market

PlanetZiggurat will start on the Estonian market due to the small size of the country as a test market and relatively high level of IT development in the country. This will allow to get a functional system up an running fast, have the system compatible with EU regulations and use a small market as a test site for further development in order to be able upscale in full range and functionality at bigger markets at the right time.


Ecex.Exchange has a built-in monetization model, that where Ziggurats are transferred out to fiat currency, a transaction fee will be charged partly in Ziggurats. Hence, both assignors and investors will be contributing to the revenue of Ecex.Exchange. The transaction fee will be a fixed percentage that is levied on every withdrawal. The platform includes a “game-like”, „trader-like” component where investors can compete in bidding for assignments to invest in. The winner will be the highest proposed price for assignment. The bid and ask will be open for 24 hours, where the winner will then proceed with the winning assignment price bid. Ecex.Exchange ecosystems look like the stock trading platform.

Financial Projections

PlanetZiggurat is aiming for 1 million trades per day by the end of the third year. Our revenue will come from services including: trading fees, issuer background check systems, digital signing, exchange member fees etc. The cash flow will be similar to stock exchange business. The only difference will be instruments and a set of agreements. We cannot predict the volume of the trades, but we can estimate if we look at the data of the claims, invoices and factoring trades in the world. The factoring volume in the world is approximately 6 B USD . PlanetZiggurat exchange will produce information flow which is similar to stock exchange information flow. If our trading platform connect to automated trading platform and electronic order book trading platforms, the flow of clients will be guaranteed.



Token Sale

  • Send the amount of ethereum you want to participate with to address 0x11c9bd1C3DD8F52828460780c54a3A650d472b6F
  • Wait until transaction is confimred
  • Ziggurat Tokens (ZIG) are sent to your account
  • Bonuses are calculated automatically and transferred with same payment
  • Base Sale Rate 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG
  • All sales are compensated to level 1 EUR = 10 ZIG. Does not matter what cryptocurrency you use
  • Other Payment Options : EUR, USD, BTC, Mobile Paymnent. Scroll down to see more.
  • Ziggurat (ZIG) Token Info
  • Symbol : ZIG
  • Name: Ziggurat Token
  • Decimals: 18
  • Contract Address : 0xe760A89967d8C7Fa638eeBfC15A77BA107674021 (Do not send ethereum to this account!)
  • Max Emission: 531 000 000 ZIG


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