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Fixynetwork-Use of Cryptocurrency in Day to Day Life.

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About Fixynetwork

Fixy Network makes it possible for people to use cryptocurrency in their day to day life. The  Network will include a decentralized marketplace and a decentralized Exchange. Getting into  cryptocurrency market has never been an easy process of a new cryptocurrency enthusiast, but  with Fixy Gift Card, which is going to be available in every corner store and going to be sold in FIAT. The whole Fixy network is designed to facilitate easy entry into the world of  cryptocurrency and also has features that will allow efficient application of cryptocurrency to daily life.


Key features of the Fixy Network

Gift Cards provided by Fixy will give an opportunity to people to get into the cryptocurrency-world without going through any unnecessary verification process which takes longer than it should. Purchase of the Gift Card is going to be provided by the Stores which are verified by Fixy and are going to be easy to find using our Store Locator. Gift Cards will be sold by FIAT money, which will be possible to deposit on the Fixy App where a user can use this amount in decentralized Exchange and decentralized Marketplace.

The Fixy OTC trading feature is completely decentralized. The OTC trading feature of Fixy will let users exchange their Cryptocurrencies both in cryptocurrency and FIAT money without any fees charged by Fixy. To become part of the cryptocurrency world, people need to invest in a coin with a FIAT value, but the exchange platforms which provide these services have fees which make these transactions more expensive than they should ordinarily. These fees make it impossible for the small investor to join the cryptocurrency-world. More so, centralized exchange platforms usually have limits on the volume of cryptocurrency a user can purchase.

The “Store Finder” feature is going to let users check their surroundings to find a Fixy accepted store where a user can buy goods using Fixy. Also, this feature will facilitate cryptocurrency trading, as users will be able to use it to find their favorite cryptocurrency and other traders who want to sell or buy.

The major criticism against cryptocurrency by experts and investors is that cryptocurrency investments are hardly useful for everyday life. The Fixy marketplace changes things as it brings  together and organizes companies on the one hand (companies on the platform are referred to as partners) and on the other hand, brings together customers (customers are referred to as users on the platform). The fixy private marketplace is a network for the cryptocurrency world, in that anyone can attend. Fixy commerce marketplace is a network for the Partner companies who have paid the entry fee in Fixy Token to become a part of the platform for selling and making advertisement.

private sellers


The fixy network also utilizes smart contracts for making deals, in this case, the fixy token will be used for payment. On the other hand, users can conduct OTC trades without a smart contract by using our free and secure messaging service. This second feature will have a trust score system where users can leave reviews and ratings on the nature of their experience while trading with another user.

How the Fixynetwork works?

The Fixy Network brings together customers and retailers who are interested in participating in using cryptocurrency for transactions. New participants can get into the world of cryptocurrency by purchasing the Fixy gift card which would be sold in approved stores across the globe. New users’ card will be credited as soon as they have gone through the “know your customer” process which is very fast while existing users’ balance will be loaded directly into their wallets. In other words, the general idea of the Fixy marketplace is to connect users and partners via a simple process. Users are consumers who want to pay with popular Cryptocurrencies.
● Bitcoin
● Bitcoin Cash
● Ethereum
● Litecoin


Although a variety of Cryptocurrencies will be traded on the Fixy platform, the Fixy token will serve as the platformʼs very own currency. Partners who want to be part of the network will do so by paying the Fixy token. Also, the Fixy token will be used to purchase advertisement space on the platform and can be used to make purchases. To prevent, inflation and maintain a steady rise in value, the Fixy token will have a fixed quantity supply of 100,000,000 FXY.


1. Oct – 2017=Foundation of the Idea

2. Nov – 2017= Beginning with software and business development.

3. Feb – 2018= Establishing the company

4. May – 2018= Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

5. June – 2018= AirDrop & Release of Fixy Network OTC trade + Advertising Module V1

6. Oct – 2018= Fixy Network Game V1

7. March – 2019= Fixy Network Marketplace for private seller V1

8. Aug – 2019= Fixy Network Marketplace and Storefinder for Commerce V1

9. Jan – 2020= Gift Cards

Fixy ICO Details

ICO Goal

Private sell=400 ETH

Soft Cap= 2000 ETH

Hard Cap= 11400 ETH

1 ETH= 5000 Fixy

Pre-ICO bonus 40%. (1ETH= 7000 Fixy with Bonus)

Pre-ICO = 1st May- 9th May 2018

ICO level-1 (16 May -23 May)

20% bonus ( 1 ETH= 6000 Fixy)

ICO level-1 (25-31 May)

0% bonus ( 1 ETH=5000 Fixy)

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