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IAGON-Decentralized Cloud Services

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IAGON is an Open Source platform for harnessing the storage capacities and processing power of multiple computers over a decentralized Blockchain grid. IAGON utilizes enables to store big data files and repositories , as well as smaller scales of files, and to carry out complex computational processes, such as those needed for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations , within a fully secure and encrypted platform that integrates blockchain, cryptographic and AI technologies in a user-friendly way. IAGON ’s token and platform are proven services with our Ethereum -based Blockchain beta version , proving the concept of blockchain-based distributed computing and storage grid. IAGON plans to support also the new and innovative Tangle technology that provides an alternative, rapid and lower cost solution for oper- ating the Blockchain technology . Thus , IAGON will establish blockchain on Ethereum and implement Tangle technology – providing the complete flexibility and freedom of choice to our users and miners.


IAGON aim at providing its users and miners complete flexibility and freedom of choice in providing and consuming decentralized cloud services . Hence, IAGON will provide a multiple Blockchain solution. running its cloud storage and processing operations both on the Ethereum Blockchain and on Tangle. Users and miners can choose either Ethereum or Tangle to fully securely store their files, to process computational tasks , to pay and to receive IAGON tokens for cloud services , and primarily to benefit from huge advantages in gaining access to the market’s prominent and state-of-the-art technologies.



IAGON takes a very different approach towards data mining. IAGON does this by utilizing a private Blockchain with public network protocols over API networks. A miner does not need to store any of the data in order to mine, the miner’s sole duty is to honestly process the data and send the output back to IAGON’s machine learning algorithm for analysis.

data mining

Data mining on IAGON ’s platform does not have the need to perform complex algorithm to solve an equation. Instead, IAGON uses the decentralized computing network to distribute load and increase speed for mundane data processing tasks . Block tasks are distributed to miners using the proof of variance method.

Roadmap of IAGON

  • Sept. 2017Platform Design
    & Architecture
  • Oct. 2017Platform Development
    Kick Off
  • Nov. 2017Whitepaper Presentation
  • Dec. 2017Platform Launch
  • Apr. 2018Pre-ICO
  • May. 2018Smart Contract
  • Jul. 2018ICO Launch
  • Aug. 2018Distributed Storage
  • Nov. 2018Distributed Processing
  • Jan. 2019Integrated DApps


The IAGON Pre-sale begins on April 2nd, 12 pm WEST and ends on April 30th. Pre-sale will be done solely through Dragonchain , and only holders of Dragon tokens can participate in it. Please visit the Dragonchain website for more information –

The Pre-sale offers 20% of the tokens at a price of: –

0.07 USD per IAG token for 50mln tokens ( for users with DSS 1 000 000+ ); – 0.06 USD per IAG token for 25mln tokens ( for users with DSS 5 000 000+ ); – 0.08 USD per IAG token for 50mln tokens ( for users with DSS 500 000+ ); – 0.09 USD per IAG token for 75mln tokens ( for users with DSS 1+ );

Purchases can be made in ETH.We are going to fix ETH price at minimum 1000 USD for pre-sale. All contributors that have already contributed or going to contribute will receive extra tokens based on pegged price at the end of pre-sale.

The IAGON crowdsale (Token Sale) begins May 10th. Token Sale lasts for 30- 60 days, depending on sale. In addition to thePre-sale,the crowdsale offers 50% ofthe IAGONtokens to the public (offering in total 500,000, 000tokens) according to the following rates:

-.12 USD per IAG token for all 500 million tokens

Total amount of IAG tokens for two phases: 700,000,000 tokens

Other 30% of the tokens (max. 300,000,000 tokens) will be dedicated to: 10% for IAGON’s team; 10% for advisors and bounty hunters; 10% for development.

OurSoftCapis 30millionUSD andHardCapis 77millionUSD. Team tokens are allocated by the following: –

First taking out the performance related tokens for team members.

– Then remaining tokens will be distributed to co-founders: Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal (65%), Dr. Elad Harison (25%), Dr. Claudio Lima (10%)

– 70% of team tokens are locked until mainnet launch (Q1 2019) – CEO’s (Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal) tokens are locked in following way: 30% for one year and 70% for two years

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পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুণ

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