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INVESTA-Crypto Investment Platform.

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About INVESTA Coin

Investa is run as a private corporation, but will always be truly beholden to its coin holders and users, as we innovate we must iterate. To produce the optimum products we will be asking for consensus of our users, as the blockchain has always done since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto. We will not deviate, or shy away from changing the way things are done, in fact we will embrace the opportunity that this ICO gives us to raise the funds and issue the coins into the hands of those who will share our journey. The Investa platform is developed and operated by an experienced and capable team of tech, finance and business masters. Investa is more than just a blockchain project, it encompases innovation, security, scalability and flexibility. Investa core and partners represent the highest quality personnel in their field and we are excited to be part of this visionary project


The Utility of Investa Coin

Token holders will be able to use INV within the Investa platform as a means of payment for all of the services on our APPs. INV holders can also place their tokens into our programs such as Enterprise and Launchpad, for lending to small businesses and other approved borrowers.  INV tokens can also be used as a means of payment for Investa’s forthcoming Events, such as our annual crypto summit, INV roadshow, or our mindshare forum.These events will be publicised in due course and INV holders will be able to attend, after paying for tickets using INV tokens.

The reason for the demand for the InvestaCoin (INV) grow

INV tokens are the key to our platform. With every new user joining the platform demand for INV grows exponentially, leading to price appreciation of the coin on exchanges. Our target market niches include over 2Bn people, so the potential userbase is forecast to be very significant. INV can be used within our payment networks, such as for loading theprepaid debit card with funds that can be spent as FIAT currency at any merchant in the Union Pay network.

Token Distributions

Coin Type
Abbreviation INV
Maximum Coin Supply 50.000.000
SOFT CAP 1.000.000
HARD CAP 30.000.000
Base Rate 1 ETH = 1,286 INV

60% Tokens for Public Sale

10% Tokens for Advisors

10% Liquidity Pool

15% For Team

5% For bounty hunters

Investa Multi Currency Payment Gateway

The INV Platform will be the multi-currency payment gateway inside the INVESTA ecosystem, allowing its users to exchange Fiat money, cryptocurrencies, or virtual goods for any liquid assets available on the platforms as well as quick access to all our suite of products and services. Multi-asset compatibility (any blockchain asset compatible with and accepted by the INV Platform).


March-2018= Pre-ICO marketing Campaign

May-2018 = Pre-ICO launch

June-2018= ICO

August-2018= Coin Distribution

September-2018= Launch Investa Platform

November-2018= Launch Mobile Apps

December-2018=  Launch Enterprise Platform

December-2018= Launch ATM network

Tokens Sale Information

Pre-Sale starts 1st May,2018.

Pre-Sale ends 15 May, 2018

60% discount on Purchase tokens

Regular Token price 1 INV=$1.00

After 60% discounts, 1 INV=$0.40

ICO Date 16 May,2018 to 30 June, 2018.

25% Discount from 16 May-15 June,2018. 1 INV= $0.75

No discount for 16 June-30 June, 2018. 1 INV= $1.00

Accepted Currency= BTC, ETH, LTC

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পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুণ

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