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London Football Exchange-The world’s first football stock exchange and fan marketplace

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About London Football Exchange (LFE)

The London Football Exchanger (LFE) group is a financial, technology, media and entertainment group that intends to operate in various spheres derived from the professional sporting arena. The London Football Exchange (LFE) will serve over 4 billion fans worldwide. Football is by far the most popular sport in the world attracting people from all countries. Not only is football the most watched game in the world with the FIFA World Cup being watched by almost 3.9 billion people, it is also one of the wealthiest sports in the world. The LFE introduces a new way for fans to participate in the football experience that goes beyond the football field, including special events that can only be purchased through the LFE with our tokens. Football Clubs will provide these unique experiences along with the opportunity for fans to become fractional owners of their favorite team. All this and more is being created by the LFE to enhance participation in the world’s sport. The LFE Group has been described as being the only global conduit for football fan engagement as well as club financing while promoting the social good, youth development and gender equality.


The LFE Solution

The LFE group intends to remove barriers to entry for the football clubs allowing them to take advantage of the token funding economy for their financing needs by providing them with a tokenised  financing infrastructure which involves token design and issuance service. The LFE will be designed to be a one stop shop for clubs of all sizes to raise capital via equity sales and also offer LFE contributors  a wealth of fan experiences and social interactions.

LFE Ticketing

Football Club vanue owners often rely on antiquated technology solutions and are in the hands of Mega-operators holding monopolies within the ticketing world with title innovation to reduce cost or fraud. These so-called ‘legacy operators’ currently charge football fees ranging from 5%-8% in commission based on national value of the tickets sold.


The LFE has embraced the latest technology, including the blockchain, to fundamentally change the way business is completed in the football world. By issuing the LFE token and recording each and every transaction in a transparent, secure and efficient manner, we bring to the football fan and the football club a new way of interacting. Each fan will have their own wallet that allows them to complete each transaction in moments, while the club can complete its operational transactions at the end of each day using the blockchain as the ultimate record. Upon this foundation we are building a series of interrelated products and services that enhance the value of the ecosystem to every fan and every team that participates.


Commercial roadmap
Q-(3-4) 2015= Market research& development
Q1-2 (2016)= Research& development in Singapore and Malaysia
Q3-4 (2016)= EU and UK business development , market research , regulatory investigation
Q1(2017)= Legal formulation of specific entities, regulatory investigation
Q-2(2017)= Football finance industry dialogue, education
Q-3(2017)= Specific entities formed: LFE market incorporation , stuffing and future ambassador dialogue , continued regulation investigation.
Q-4(2017)= Multiple Football Club agreements in principles
Regulatory Sign off
Q-1(2018)= Stadium participation Head of terms 5 clubs
Targated commercial roadmap
Q-3(2018)= Stadium participation Head of terms 10 clubs
LFE exchange business development Latin and Central America
Q-4(2018)= LFE exchange club 50 club globally.
Stadium participation 25 club globally.
LFE Token sale information
Token name= LFE
Total Tokens= 4,000,000,000
Price per token = $0.20
 Tokens to sold via ICO= 2,400,000,000
Pre-Sale Date=  15 January – 11 February
Public Sale= 12 February – 22 July 2018
Price per token = $0.12
Minimum goal $100000
crypto only
$0.14 for early bakers
$1000 minimum
crypto+fiat currency
$0.16 Pre-ICO
$0.18 ICO release 1
$0.19 ICO release 2
$0.20 ICO release 3
Fund raising goal= $350,00,000
Accepted Currency= Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Fiat currency

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