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Marginless-The Future of Betting

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About Marginless

Marginless will bring the good old times where individuals will have an opportunity to place wagers against other people directly on almost any sport or other activity while keeping their privacy and enjoying industry-lowest commissions. New generation betting exchange will allow friends, colleagues and many other sports lovers to be able to get back the control of their bets and place them against real people.




Due to the fact that Marginless is operating as a peer-to-peer betting operator and does not require huge risk management or a full traders team, bettors will have a possibility to place bets with an industry leading 1% that will be charged from those who won only! For example, Golden State Warriors are playing against Cleveland Cavaliers. Player A places a bet of 100 MRS on Golden State Warriors for their win at the odds of 2.00 and the bettor is being matched against a Player B, who is betting 100 MRS on Cleveland Cavaliers at the odds of 2.00. Whichever team wins, the winner gets 198 MRS in return. Marginless betting platform is driven by MRS Utility Tokens, which means that in the whole betting process Fiat currency is not used at all. The use of Tokens and AltCoins as a reward for betting gives you a complete, secure and extremely fast reward payment in Tokens or AltCoins. Marginless tokens and the blockcain lets you confirm payouts immediately and payouts will be processed in a couple of minutes.



Marginless will operate as a betting exchange platform. Platform users will be able to place bets on offered markets with their selected odds or oppose open bets from other users. After a bet is placed on offered market, Marginless tokens will be reserved from the users wallet until the bet is accepted by another user. The bet can be accepted by several users part-by-part or by single user for full stake, which makes the wager automatically become a Face to Face bet. When the bet is accepted, full or part stake, the specified, amount of tokens will be deducted from your and opposing user (-s) wallet with the help of contracts and paid out accordingly after the official result of the match is confirmed on the platform.




You can cancel your bet or adjust it at any time until the bet is officially accepted. If the bet is not accepted until the start of the event -reservation of tokens will be stopped and the tokens will become usable again just after the event has started. If only one part of your bet is opposed, for example, let’s say you stake 100 MRS (Marginless tokens) and someone opposes for only 10 MRS, the remaining part will come back to your wallet when the match has officially started. For example: Let’s say you want to place a bet worth 100 MRS on Bitcoin to reach next all-time-high before July 2018 at odds of 2.00. All you need to do is to go to the selected market screen, select your pick, write in your odds and the preferred amount of tokens. The 100 MRS will be reserved from your wallet and the bet will be placed on the betting exchange where other users will be able to see it as available to lay against. If the opposing bet is placed for exactly 100 MRS – tokens from both users wallets will be locked by a contract and you will be both placed in to a FACE TO FACE betting interface. Have you ever made a bet against your friend and heard that your handshake agreement was official enough to get your winnings, after you clearly won the bet? Well, you will never have to be in this same situation again. Marginless is proudly presenting unique feature – Face to Face betting, where everyone can be challenged! Face To Face betting allows clashing users with different opinions to bet directly against each other. You can send a bet offer to other users with a few simple clicks and after the bet was accepted by another user – placed bets will be locked using contracts are both of you will be placed into a Face to Face betting interface



We, at Marginless, believe that betting should be fun and enjoyed in a group of people who share the same love for sports and adrenaline. That is why we see Marginless platform as more of a social betting network for enthusiasts rather than just a simple betting platform. Our team has years of experience working with betting and social networking, knowing all the needs of an everyday bettor for a platform like this.



Marginless application – simplest and the safest way to bet online. Integrated social network and Face to Face betting interface will allow bettors to wager against friends or other users by only having phone. Bettors will be able to send and receive bet offers instantly and directly from other app users. After the offer is sent, recipient will get a notification and will be able to choose whether to accept the bet or to decline it. If the offer is accepted, both users will be placed in a unique Face to Face interface where they will be able to track their bet progress, chat, increase stakes or split the pot if both parties agree. Users will be also allowed to follow other tipsters and receive push notifications after a certain-followed tipster places a public bet or writes an analysis. Web wallet functionality will be accessible via app too.



2015 MAY
MVP IDEA=Idea of a social betting network, where bettors can share their insights, track their stats and earn money for doing so was born.
TIPSTERSHUB BETA LAUNCH= TipstersHub Beta launched in January 2016 and quickly became the most popular betting social platform in Baltic countries
2016 JULY
MARGINLESS IDEA=After working with hundreds of bettors, our team has made a list of main issues they face every day and possible solutions. Preparations for project launch began
FIRST SEED INJECTIONS (150K $)= Received first seed injections from various Angel Investors and team members.
2017 MAY
START OF OUR NEGOTIATIONS WITH DIFFERENT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS= Negotiations with international companies with previous experience in this market began
TEAM AND ENDORSERS EXPANSION= Several new team members and endorsers joined team Marginless
2018 APRIL 10
PRE-ICO= A 24 hour round that will offer a bigger bonuses to those who have made a reservation prior to this round (-29%)
2018 APRIL 11
PUBLIC SALE START= First public ICO round that will be available to everyone with bonuses for early contributors
2018 EARLY Q2
LAUNCH OF MARGINLESS ESPORTS =Marginless eSports teams and brand reveal
2018 LATE Q2
BETTING EXCHANGE ALPHA= Alpha version of blockchain-based betting exchange
2018 JUNE 1
LUXURY CAR GIVEAWAY= Winner of BMW X6 will be drawn and announced
2018 EARLY Q3
SOCIAL BETTING NETWORK= Share your insights, follow your stats and increase your winnings by using our social betting network
2018 LATE Q3
FACE TO FACE BETTING= Bet directly against your friends or fellow bettors
2018 Q4
IOS/ANDROID APPLICATION =Access all main Marginless functions through your mobile phone
2018 LATE Q4
FULL MARGINLESS NETWORK LAUNCH=Official launch of platform that will change betting forever
2019 Q2
BECOME A BOOKMAKER=This function will allow user, holding set amount of MRS Tokens, to open personal betting page within Marginless system where he will be able to accept bets from other bettors

Token Model

All rounds start at
10.00 AM UTC (+0)-29%
1 MRS = 0.000077 ETH
Apr 10 – Apr 11
1 day -25%
1 MRS = 0.000080 ETH
Apr 11 – Apr 15
4 days -20%
1 MRS = 0.000083 ETH
Apr 15 – Apr 30
1 MRS = 0.000091 ETH
Apr 30 – May 14
14 days0%
1 MRS = 0.0001 ETH
May 14 – May 31
17 days

Tokens that are not sold during the Crowdsale will be burned automatically by the smart contract.


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