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MST Coin-Decentralize AI Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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About MST

MST AI Intelligence Trading platform is an ambitious project, handcrafted in Thailand and India to deliver the next generation trading experiences by revolutionizing the AI Trading industry by providing 0% BTC deduction exchange to maximize trader’s profit. MST is a brand new AI Intelligence trading platform handcrafted in Thailand and India But not new in AI Trading Applications. Keeping in mind the growing demand for Bitcoin and other coins which can be traded on Bitcoin. With research and experience in the financial industry for last 28 years , we have found a variety of trading sites are unusual and differ far from one another concerning their trading fees and old Fashion simple Trading Platforms.

Some Features of MST

*Zero trading fee: One of the exciting features of the MST COIN is the zero-trading fee on margin and spot trading, which will aim to maximize the profits for traders.

*MST guarantees 100% reserve: It will also allow all online and offline wallet addresses to be seen for public audit, ensuring no embezzlement of the traders’ funds.

*MST requires two-factor authentication (2FA) to log in: Withdrawal of crypto assets requires an extra Qr Code and OTP confirmation to protect the crypto assets which will provide extra security on the user’s assets.

*Offline Misting Wallet Security System: Every asset will be stored in an offline misting wallet. About 90% of the assets will be stored offline, while about 10% will remain online to allow faster deposits and withdrawal by the users.

*Each of the offline misting contains 8 Hardware Security Modules, which means that about 5 of the Hardware Modules will be required to complete any transaction which is done with the misting wallets.

*MST delivers user-friendly identity authentication services.

*MST provides 24/7 online customer service: Whenever users encounter problems or need help, customer service specialists will be reached through the MST website and mobile app. Once a user submits an inquiry, the customer success team will respond within a day. Their goal is to supply systematically wonderful customer help.

*MST also plans to build a Hybrid Exchange (HEX) cryptocurrency exchange later in the future.

*50% Discount on all our Analysis , EA , Coding Service for Mt4 , Amibroker, and Our AI Trading Platform.


*MST is an order book cryptocurrency exchange handcrafted in Thailand and India with the goal to maximize traders profits

*All Traders face a major problem of trading fees and the trading margin between buying and selling price of cryptocurrencies. MST is there to ensure that transfers will gain more profits for all!

*Working hand in hand with everyone, we will strive to make it possible by providing the lowest fees, safe and secure exchange and Most New Intelligence Trading with Realtime reliable tick data.

*As we all know that cryptocurrencies trades are expensive because of less availability and high demand. So, to make it available at a base price, MST came up with an idea of letting people from all over the world to trade under one Most New advance and Reliable AI Trading Platform. By this, we can match the market demands by making more cryptocurrencies available in future and finally make the price of crypto exchange with reliable, safe and Auto Trading Platform.

*MST is main Focus and safe Investment in our Coins because we are Making for all our investors to be happy and safe from Our MST Coins with our planning to be listed in Thailand and India Market.


MST Smart Contract

An MSTCOIN is an ERC-20 standard Ethereum token. The Smart Contract guarantees the following:

1. Ownership: Only Ethereum users and contract holders can be token holders. Each token belongs to one user/owner. No tokens are shareable. A token can be transferred to another user only by the direct command of its owner or by the command of the receiver that is directly authorized by the owner. No token transfers may be initiated by another user.

2. Token Supply: The tokens are issued only once, at the time of the deployment. The token supply is set at the time of the deployment.

3. Transparency: The information about the number of tokens held by any user is public. All information about transfers is also public and can be traced.

4. Contract owner’s rights: The contract owner can relinquish this ownership in favor of any other Ethereum user or contract.




February -2018 Start AI crypto currency exchange project

March – April 2018 Fund Raise Through Coin Sales

May -2018 DDOS Integration

July -2018 Exchange Launch

July -2018 More Coins will be added to exchange

August -2018 Listing on coin market cap (MST), Listing on external exchange (MST)

September -2018 More coins will be added in exchange

October -2018 Android and IOS wallet (MST), Merchant

November- 2018 acceptance online stores (MST) listed on second and third exchange (MST), More coins will be added in exchange we will keep on growing 33

2nd quarter 2019 Raise Funds though IPO In Thailand Stock Exchange and listed our company in the market under symbol “MST ”

4th quarter 2019 Live and start trading in MST Exchange

MST coins can be converted into MST IPO’s in near future where most plans to sell IPO and listed in Thailand, India, and Singapore by 2019-2020.



Token sale Informaton

Name= MST


Total Supply= ICO 500,000,000

Presale (100% Bonus) =3 rd May 2018 – 10th May 2018

ICO Date (Phase 1) =15th May 2018 – 20th May 2018

Price 1 MST = 0.000066 ETH/ 1.16 TH

• Token price -Price is 1 MST = 0.00005 ETH

• Start – Pre Sales Token sale starts on May 3th, 2018.

• End – Pre sales Token sale until May 10th 2018. • Public Sale will Starts about 1-2 weeks after finish second Pre Sales. (please see our website for more information to get the most benefit during ICO)

• To avail service of 0% BTC deduction on MST AI Exchange minimum, 10,000 MST COIN should be purchased at the time of ICO sale.

• The maximum purchase of the token will be 500,000 MST COIN. There will be no minimum limit to purchase the amount.


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