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PEP Network-Revolutionizing Digital Emotions.

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What is PEP Network?

PEP(Personalized Expressive Platform) network is the first decentralized & personalized content ecosystem for next billion users. PEP’s fundamental value will be built by the offerings of the digital servicesin the PEP Network Ecosystem. PEP Network, will be the first means of payment that attempts to enable consumers trade for personalized and self expressive goods or services provided by creators and developers which will have economic incentives to make great products.

PEP Network’s Vision

PEP Network’s vision is to serve visually rich, emotionally engaging and runtime personalizable content which pushes the industry forward to a new form of expressive content. Animojis, Live Stickers & Camera AR Lens are happening now. Existing content marketplaces lack ability to personalize and are closed and stuck with outdated business models with unfair economics for Creators, Consumers & Developers.

PEP Network brings a new standard to this industry, transforming the existing business model to be more powerful, transparent, scalable across different markets. This is only possible due to our innovations around Blockchain, AI and Distributed Rendering.

PEP Network and The Ecosystem

PEP Network brings Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Farmers together in a collaborative and remunerative content economy. Empowered with a new block chain based distributed render protocol, PEP Network is set to revolutionise the Personalized Content Economy.

Road Map of PEP Network

In 2018
* Token pre-sale start (April)
* ICO Token Sale end, Wallet Integration Xpresso, API to developers – 500k Users (Jun)
1 keyboard partner, Content Studio, 2m users. (Sep)
In 2019
* 2 Messaging, Keyboard Apps, Bot-Studio, 16M users. (Jan)
*  Render Farming, ad-studio, 25M users (Jun)
* Photo-Avatar,50M Users (Sep)

In 2020

* Content Re-sell,
* Render Farming Mobile, 100M Users (Jan)

**Next Billion Users !**

Peep 2

Token Allocation

1. Hard Cap                   : $30 million
2. Payment Methods     : BTC, ETH
3. Total PEP Tokens      : 600,000,000
4. PEP Tokens for Sale : 50%

Token Sale Details

Whitelist PreSale : 15th May 2018 to 17th May 2018
Public sale           :  30th May 2018 to 30th June 2018
1 PEP Token = 0.1 USD
Payment method :  Bitcoin or Ethereum
PEP tokens will be distributed 14 days after Public Sale ends.
Some important links for PEP tokens sale related information.

My Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1014315

Myetherwallet: 0xf6cd3f4FB6ff269271FC56C205C5b0a8b2Cc3650

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