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Safein-A revolutionary way to pay online.

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What is Safein?

Safein is a decentralized single sign-on blockchain based ecosystem for your identity and payments.  Safein offers a single sign-on digital wallet enabling users to quickly, safely and conveniently conduct their activities online through a one-stop-shop for all on-line authentications and payments. With our platform, digital customers can easily demon-strate their true identities with no lengthy registrations or verifications, maintain instant access to various online shops and payments as well as control the extent of personal data shared with service providers. Moreover, Safein allows its users to go beyond fragmented identity system born in the last millennium and exercise proper control of their profiles in a secure and modern manner.

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Benefits of Safein Platform

Safein platform is uniquely beneficial for both users and merchants. First, users will undoubtedly appreciate the end of repeat registrations, KYCs and password recoveries, replaced by instant access granted by our multi-factor authentication solution. Furthermore, not having redundant accounts provides greater security and data protection, both of which are valuable to any consumer. Finally, the ability to easily conduct payments in any chosen medium has long been desired by the market – Safein will also satisfy this need to allow a fully seamless payment experience for all its users and merchants. Merchants also benefit with our platform as Safein significantly reduces merchant costs for user onboarding and verification. Furthermore, Safein reduces transaction fees and can remove the problem of having to manage lost passwords for the customer support. Merchants also get easy access to crypto payments at one of the lowest commission fees in the market with a completely free identity verification tool. Moreover, merchants who possess Safein tokens in their wallet will be able to process payments with no commission. Our platform will also help them increase trust and user conversion rates as well as protect them from accidental breaches of increasingly complex data protection regulations and processes.


Safein will allow users to store their identity, as well as crypto and fiat currencies in accounts opened on our platform. Safein will go into various business areas where combination of possessing all of the above gives benefit to its users online and offline. The main priority of Safein is to eliminate redundant registrations and KYC procedures.
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Digital Wallets and Payment

Safein is planning to be a fully licenced EU electronic money institution with the ability to
receive and process payments in full compliance with the law. Users will be able to hold
their crypto and fiat currency in a single wallet as well as convert them from one to another. Major crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and other popular cryptocurrencies will be supported. Currency exchange functionality, for crypto and fiat, will be standard for all currencies with 0.5% markup from the best available rate in the market. Having an EU electronic money institution (EMI) licence will allow Safein to connect to the SEPA network and give IBAN codes to all of our users. Having that available, Safein will be one step closer to becoming a standard instrument for daily use. Additionally, Safein plans to have payment cards linked to users’ accounts, so users will be able to use their Safein accounts daily both online and offline.

Safein Project Roadmap

  • The concept of Safein created 2017 Q-2

  • Launched MVP with basic single-click  login functionality 2017 Q-4

  • Whitepaper release and ICO preparation 2018 Q-1

  • Introducing fully automated ID verification 2018 Q-1

  • ICO launch 2018 Q-2

  • User base growth Phase 1: Login Pool launch 2018 Q-2

  • Launching cryptocurrency wallet and payments 2018 Q-3

  • User base growth Phase 2: Registration Pool and Referral program launch

    2018 Q3

  • Obtaining EMI license 2019 Q-1

  • Launching fiat deposits and payments 2019 Q-2


Safein ICO

The ICO will be launched on the 31st of May 2018 at 13:00 UTC.The Softcap is set to $3,000,000, Hardcap — $21,000,000. A total of 300,000,000 (300 Million) SFN tokens (30% of the total supply) will be sold during the crowdfunding of the Safein platform.Average ICO price per SFN token is expected to be $0.07 and the rates against ETH will be announced prior to the ICO start, in order to protect potential token buyers from unfavorable market conditions.
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