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About SMART Valley Project

SMART Valley is a decentralized valley of innovations that brings together three key entities – “Backer”, “Project”,
and “Expert” in a closed ecosystem of professional community, where all members are united by the same
purpose  – to create advanced, high-potential technologies.
The SMART Valley ecosystem gives its participants an opportunity to raise financial resources, hire team members, find business partners, and realize their ideas – no matter where they are in the world.
Four key features of the platform allow the ecosystem members to interact in the most efficient way: the safe-deal
mechanism, the expert market, the backers tool, and – most importantly – the decentralized scoring system for
project assessment.

Mission of Smart Valley

It aims  to increase the survival rates of high-potential, hi-tech projects by creating a decentralized digital valley of
innovation. By using the advantages provided by the architecture of a closed decentralized ecosystem that will
include all key participants of the entrepreneurial sphere, we will ensure efficient communication and interaction
between them. This way, we will help connect Project developers, Backers and Experts.

Objectives of Smart Valley

  • Create an automated platform for legal support and development of promising ideas;
  • Promote high-quality ICO-projects and minimize the risk of scams and fraud;
  • Connect key business players and promote efficient communication between them. We strive to bring
    together backers and project founders and team members, new technology and the mass market, clients
    and experts and future leaders;
  • Create intuitive, easy-to-use, and efficient tools for each type of ecosystem participant;
  • Help the best projects attract worldwide support and enter the market;
  • Raise the overall level of knowledge and qualification among the direct and indirect participants of the
    DLT market;
  • Create new jobs and increase participation in innovative high-tech sectors

Road Map of Smart Valley

November 2017:  Road show begins
December 2017:  Scoring System demo version. Whitepaper v1
January 2018:  Entering into partner agreements with market participants
February 2018: Attracting experts, backers, projects, and specialists to the platform
March 2018: Whitepaper v2
April 2018: Public beta-testing of Smart Valley scoring system
October 2018: Full launch

Smart Valley token — SVT

  • Hard Cap:  $30 million
  • Exchange rate:  1 SVT = $0,1
  • Revenue forecast:  $120 million by 2021
  • Capitalization forecast:  $495 million by 2021
  • NPV:  $186 million
  • Crowdsale:  75%
  • Smart Valley team Early backers Bounty campaign Advisors  25%

Smart Valley ICO Period

Soft Cap: USD 3,000,000
Hard Cap: USD 30,000,000

Accepted currency*: ETH, BTC and USD

Preliminary requests for tokens accepted starting from April 11, 2018;

The token sale process at ICO phase will last for 30 days from the beginning of the ICO on May 14, 2018 or
until the hard cap is reached, whichever event occurs first.

Some important links about Smart Valley Project

Website                               ANN Thread                      Whitepaper                                   Facebook

Twitter                                  Telegram                            Steemit                                          Reddit



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পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুণ

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