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Stremity-Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

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The STREAMITY project is focused on creating a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that includes a broad range of services. The goal is to ensure users can benefit from the developments in the cryptocurrency market, while mitigating risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange. The key element of the STREAMITY project is the STREAMDESK aggregator. STREAMDESK ensures exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies using smart contracts. The STREAMDESK prototype is available on-line and represents our core concept. STREAMDESK will ensure the most secure and efficient exchange of cryptocurrencies by aggregating market capitalization and price data from major cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, cryptocurrency rates will always be bound to its true market rate, and forprofit manipulation of exchange rates will be impossible. All fees are known in advance and will be transparent. STREAMDESK provides significant advantages to investors and users. There will be a clear display of relevant market data and its fees, coupled with a fair, transparent, and secure exchange .

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The Mission of Stremity

Our priority are our users. Our mission is to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency community’s security. We will develop a fair and transparent STREAMDESK service that allows for the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies without intermediaries. This will help users save money, and will protect them against fraud through the use of smart contracts.


STREAMITY’s competitors are primarily P2P cryptocurrency exchange services. As illustrated below, P2P solutions are far from being perfect: Local Bitcoins is a bulletin board that matches interested parties in a specific country. First, this service supports only bitcoins; second, exchange rates are set by the users of the platform; and lastly, there is a lack of secure transactions. Changelly is a platform that supports a few dozens of cryptocurrencies. Although users can buy cryptocurrency for US dollars, they are not allowed to sell cryptocurrency for fiat money. Furthermore, the security of a deal is guaranteed only by the credibility of the team. This assurance is suspect, as the security technology is not transparent. Qvolta is a new service created in 2017 and have raised its funds via an ICO. To date, this platform is still in a “test mode”. Although this service states that customers can use different payment methods, it only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Advantages of Stremity

The STREAMITY project is a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency services; · The development of STREAMITY services, and the influx of new users, will create a strong and steady demand for STM; · STM will be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users and investors to trade instantly; · Due to STREAMDESK’s convenience, low commissions, and efficient market rates, STREAMDESK allows for economical conversion between fiat currency and STM; · The manipulation risk of STM rates is minimized due to its reserve fund; and · Each user holding more than 1250 STM will receive a set of privileges, including lower commissions on the STREAMDESK platform.


The development of a global P2P platform includes: acquiring state permissions and licenses to exchange cryptocurrencies, engaging with various unions, and cooperating with traditional payment systems. Our step-by-step plan is illustrated below. Our plan details major milestones following the ICO campaign. Each milestone will be used as a framework for the next, ensuring STREAMTIY to remain reactive and responsive to market conditions. The capital raised from our ICO will predominately be used to acquire licenses, develop and maintain services, expand our team, and market STREAMITY. $0.5 million (USD) – minimum capital required to launch the project. $1.5 million (USD) – P2P exchange service aimed at Asian and European markets. Development of information and analytical resources. $5 million (USD) – P2P exchange service aimed at Asian, European and US markets. Development of information and analytical resources. $10 million (USD) – P2P exchange service aimed at Asian, European, US and Latin America markets. Development of information, analytical, educational, and investment resources. $20 million (USD) – P2P exchange service aimed at the world market. Development of information, analytical, educational, and investment resources, translated in 5 to 7 major languages. In order to meet requirements of the financial sector, STREAMITY will collaborate with credit card and payment systems, develop identification systems required under relevant regulations, and provide any necessary technical requirements.


May 2017=Conception of the STREAMITY project

August 2017= STREAMDESK prototype completed Back-end development and personal accounts.

Q-1,2018=ICO launch

Q2.2018=Launch of the educational, informational, analytical, and investment resources of STREAMITY

Q-4,2018= Launch of the cryptocurrency converter

Q-2,2019= Launch of IOS/Android mobile version

Q-4,2019= Creation of own payment system and integration with STREAMDESK service.

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ICO Information

STREAMITY token  symbol = (STM)

The number of STM is hard-capped at 186,000,000 tokens.

The cost of one token is priced at $0.20 (USD).

The token price of ETH will be fixed an hour before pre-ICO/ICO, based on currency rates provided by the Poloniex exchange.

10 PRE ICO parameters: Soft cap on PRE ICO

Hard cap on PRE ICO: $2.8 million USD

The volume of PRE ICO sale: 20,000,000 STM.

The volume of ICO sale: 110,200,000 STM

The ICO will be completed upon selling the aforementioned number of tokens.

How to buy tokens.

STM are available for sale for BTC, LTC ETH, ETC, USD, EUR. STM will be transfered to users’ accounts after the second stage of the ICO. The minimum transaction amount in ETH: 0.1 ETH All unsold tokens will remain in reserve with STREAMITY’s project founders.

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