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Treon brings crypto revolution to Utility Payments

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About Treon (TXO)

Treon (TXO) is a “utility token” based on the Ethereum blockchain that will securely and seamlessly help consumers to pay for their usage of utilities like, telecom, electricity, water, natural gas through a mobile wallet and app that is connected to the utility companies that they are subscribed to through a consolidated dashboard that will enable new utility payment ecosystem over the Blockchain. An ecosystem that exceeds $2 Trillion of yearly turn-over for household consumptions alone.

treon app

Treon (TXO) is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility token and e-wallet for paying utility bills using a robust technology in a completely decentralised and secure fashion. Treon is built for utility consumers and providers. The Treon wallet application allows consumers to manage and pay for their utilities usage. Treon also enables the seamless settlement of intra-utility agreements amongst various providers. Treon aims to be a strong catalyst for the digital transformation utilities both fronts: Business-to- Consumer and Business-to-Business.

Treon Vision

Treon aims to become the new “Utilities Money” to transact on and off utility networks. We envision a world where banked and unbanked consumers are equally enjoying the convenience and security of knowing and paying for what they used from minutes of voice calls, gigabytes of data, kilowatts of electricity, thermal units of natural gas, or gallons of potable water. All from one online and consolidated dashboard running on their smartphones and paying for such usage using the currency of their choice –crypto or fiat – by few simple clicks.

Why Treon

Treon is a robust, modular, Ethereum blockchain-based, decentralised utility payment gateway and processing wallet app that any consumer can use from around the world to pay their utility bills. Treon aspires to become the tool and token of choice in a completely decentralised and inexpensive way. For unbanked customers, there are assured benefits of using TXO tokens. Obviously, there is a learning curve for the customers to learn to access TXO as a settlement tool so in the interim we are offering and will continue to offer other payment tools. Treon’s core purpose is to provide all sorts of payment methods that exist today for the customers around the world to try to ease their day to day pain as we foresee that cryptocurrencies will be part of the regular day to day transactions soon.

Market Potential

Treon will use the mobile phone as the bridge for customers to harness the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. According to the World Bank and GSMA, 3.8 billion of the mobile users are unbanked. Treon token aims to bridge the digital divide for the unbanked, giving them opportunities to participate in the fast-growing online economy. This fast-growing digital economy is an unexplored potential across the different utility sectors. Their yearly market sizes are in the Trillions of dollars whether in telecom, electricity, natural gas, green energy or water and Treon is set to capture its fair share of this market. The following will illustrate the market opportunities and how Treon is poised to capture scalable and sustainable growth in the next 5 years.

Treon Token

Token distribution &Allocation after ICO:

43% of the 1 billion total supply will be sold during Presale and the ICO proceeds (less ICO related costs) will be distributed as follows: –

Technology= 60%

Marketing= 25%

Operations= 10%

Legal & Admin= 5%

57% of TXOs will be allocated for future minting, ecosystem, founders and team (over 10 years), as follows: –

Future Token Reserve=  84%

Founders = 9%

Ecosystem= 5%

Team= 2%

Token sale information (ICO)

Token Symbol= Treon (TXO)
  • Total Supply=1,000,000,000 Billion
  • Allocation=429.7 Million
  • Soft Cap=4 Million USD
  • Hard cap=25 Million USD
  • Currency=ETH, BTC

1 ETH= 6000 TXO+ Phase 1, 2 and ICO bonus apply.

Pre-ICO Phase-1= 21 May to 3 June (30% bonus)

Pre-ICO Phase-2= 4 June  to 17 June (25% bonus)

ICO= 18 June to 17 July (7% bonus)


April 2017= Idea generation and market research

June 2017= Treon Business Model & Plan

August 2017= Technical architecture & high level design

December 2017= Prototype of Treon Utility Wallet App

February 2018= ICO preparation

May 2018= Pre ICO

June 2018 = ICO

August 2018= Distribution of Treon tokens

Quarter 4, 2018 = Enlist Treon token on cryptocurrency exchanges

Q-1, 2019 = Treon Utility Wallet App Proof-Of-Concept with 1 telecom operator

Q-2, 2019 = Release Treon Smart Contract Templates for Telecom

On-board telecom utilities (early adopters) Interconnect and Roaming Agreements to Treon Smart Contracts on Blockchain

Q-4, 2019= Sign agreements and start integration with telecom Top-Up & Recharge resellers

Q-1, 2020= Sign agreements and start integration with online payment gateways

Q-2, 2020= Release Treon Smart Contract Templates for Electricity utilities

Q-4, 2020= On-board electricity utilities (early adopters) Power Purchase Agreements to Treon Smart Contracts on Blockchain (Q4 2020)

Q-1, 2021= Release Treon Smart Contract Templates for Natural Gas utilities

Q-2, 2021= On-board Natural Gas (early adopters) Power Purchase and Wheeling Agreements to Treon Smart Contracts on Blockchain

Q-3, 2021= Release Treon Smart Contract Templates for Water utilities

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