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Month: ডিসেম্বর ২০১৬

Tree Plantation for twenty first century.

image of strawberry

Tree plantation means planting more and more small trees or seeds in an area.  Trees are friends for men. Where there are no trees  there are deserts in the world, like Sahara, Gobi, Kalahari, karoo desert, Namib desert, Danakil desert, Grand Bara desert, Ogaden desert, Chalbi desert, Nyiri desert, Lompoul desert, Sinai desert, Blue desert, […]

Rules of Subject verb agreement.

Subject verb agreement means that verb agrees with the subject according to number and person. Verb behaves with the change of number and person. Let’s know some rules of subject verb agreement. 1.When subject is singular, verb takes the form of singular. When subject is plural, verb takes the form of plural. Example: There is […]

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