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Differences between stock and cash dividend.

Those who are related to stock exchange, share markets or share bazaars are familiar with dividend. Dividend is a bonus payment from a firm’s net earnings that is paid among the existing shareholders. Dividends are desirable from the shareholders  point of view because they want to increase their current wealth. Kinds of dividends Dividend is […]

Different kinds of stock or shares.

What is stock exchange? A stock exchange is an organized market place where securities (shares, bonds and mutual funds) are purchased and sold. Here industrial and financial securities of public companies, shares of government companies and semi government companies are traded among the investors. It is a secondary market of secondary market  of securities  where […]

Some familiar terms related to share market.

What is security? Some corporations and government agencies have the right to raise funds from markets by issuing securities. Security is a certificate that represents a claim on the issuer.Corporations and government agencies issue securities to obtain money from surplus units and enables to spend more money compared to they receive from normal operations. What […]

The differences between services and goods.

Goods and services are different in nature. Maximum companies of the world provide goods or service or both. Services are intangible and goods are tangible products. There are some differences between service and goods. Definition: Goods are an entity that can be   consumed by the consumer. Services are defined as something that a person does […]

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