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Definition and classification of sentence.

What is sentence?

Sentence is a word or group of words that refers a clear meaning for a specific context. A sentence must have three qualities to be a pure sentence.  They are expectation/ desire, orderly stepping and qualification.

When a group of words sit together and declare a clear meaning it is called a sentence.

Kinds of sentence:

From the view point of meaning, sentence can be divided into five kinds.

1.Assertive sentence: Assertive sentence is a sentence that makes a statement.

Structure: Subject+Verb+Object/Complement

Example: Shohan is  a good boy.

This sentence expresses a statement. Here, Shohan (sub)+is(verb)+a good boy(adjective complement).

2.Interrogative Sentence:Interrogative sentence is a sentence  that asks a question.

Structure: Auxiliary verb+subject+verb+object

or, who/which/what/how/when/why/whom+verb+object.

Example: Will you play cricket?

This sentence expresses a question.Interrogative sentence takes a question mark (?) at the end of the sentence.

3.Imperative Sentence: Imperative sentence is a sentence that refers to any command.

Structure: Verb+object or  Verb +adverb

Example: Do the work.

Come here.

This sentences express a command. Here, do (verb)+the work(object)

And come(verb) +here (adverb). In an imperative sentence, subject remains hidden.

4.Optative Sentence: Optative sentence is a sentence that refers  to any wish or prayer.

Structure: May+Assertive Sentence

= May+subject+verb+object

Example: May Allah bless you.

This sentence expresses a wish or prayer.Here, May+Allah(subject)+bless(verb)+you(object)

Sometimes, may verb remains hidden. Such as- Long live our leader.

5.Exclamatory Sentence: Exclamatory sentence is a sentence that refers to any feeling or emotion.

Structure: Hurrah, Alas or such type of words+Assertive Sentence

Example: Alas! I am undone.

This sentence expresses emotion.

Sometimes, what a+object+subject+verb+exclamation sign(!)

What a nice bird it is!

 Sentence can be divided into three types from the view point of structure.

1.Simple Sentence: A simple sentence is a sentence that has one subject and one finite verb.

Finite verb is a verb that completes a sentence.


Subject Finite Verb
The boys play football in the field.
Because of his illness, he could not attend the meeting.
Killing the bird, the old man brought bad luck to the crew.
Without working hard, you will not prosper in life.

2.Complex Sentence:A complex sentence is a sentence that has one principal clause and one or more than one subordinate clause.

Subordinate clause in complex sentence begins with if, though, although, as, because, since, so that, that , until, till, unless, when, why, who, which, where, how, before, after, whether and while etc.


Although he is rich, he is honest.

I know that he would help me.

The patient had died before the doctor came.

All red marked clauses are the example of principal clauses and others are subordinate clauses.

3.Compound Sentence:Compound sentence is a sentence where more than one principal clauses are joined together with a coordinating conjunction.

Coordinating conjunctions are and,but,or, yet, and so, therefore etc.


He is rich, but he is honest.

The old man killed the bird and brought bad luck to the crew.

Work hard and you will shine in life.

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