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How to earn money from data entry or captcha entry?

Data entry is the task of entering information using word processing or data processing. If you want to do data entry job, you don’t need any experience except correct typing speed.

Today I am writing about earning money with data entry. It easy task but physical labor. There are many data entry sites in the internet. The is one of the best data entry sites in world. It allows only Paypal and Payza as a payment processor. This site is very faithful and gives payment to it workers.  You can earn as much as you want. You can earn 24 hours but you can earn more rate within some specific hours .

If you have hand speed, can type correctly, and your internet connection has high speed, you can earn $.60 to $1.0 per hour. They pay their workers/ members within few hours but sometimes it can take 2-3 working days.

So, if you want to make money through data entry, you can join this site. This site can be the best data entry job site for you.

Follow the steps:


image of 2

2.Click on the register button on top of the right corner.

3.Fill up the form with your email address, insert password ( the password should be strong enough), rewrite the password you have typed above.

image of

4.Then click on register button.

5.Log in into your account.

For the first time you will see a notice from the admin. Carefully read the following message and then put a tick mark and click on start button.image of captcha terms

6.Set your profile from settings at the top of the dashboard button.

Give your name, mobile number and then save it.

7.You have to choose one from payza or Paypal,Bitcoin, Perfect Money as your  payment processor and then save.

8.You can start working with clicking on the start button on the upper portion.

9.You can one option from  only normal and recuptcha, only normal, or only recuptch. It is easily to work.image of captcha entry

10.I will suggest you to set only normal because if you have typing speed, you can type

more and more by selecting only normal.

11.You can see your balance on the left side.

12.In the reputation button, you will see how much captcha did you type so far from

joining this site.

13. You can see the recent typing number and earning balance, such as  (This session: 0 USD. CAPTCHAs entered: 0). This season how much have you earned and how many typed correctly.

14.That means if you earned $1 and typed 1500 Captchas, it will show “This session: $ 1 USD. CAPTCHAs entered: 1500).

15.You you have  to type captcha correctly.

16. In the left side, there is balance and reputation option. You can see how many dollars  do you have on balance and in the reputation option you can see how many  captchas typed correctly so far.

17. If you do mistake, you can click on “Igot the point”  and  then click on “Start” button.

18. After you have got a point  you can type again.

Caution: Try to solve the captcha correctly. Don’t make too many mistakes.

Good News:

From now, you can earn $1.00 per 1000 captchas by downloading and the software as red indicated following. So download the software by clicking on the red mark area and install it. Give your email and password to login and start to solve captcha.

2captcha software download


2Captcha gives payment instant on everyday. It is trusted site not ptc site. Don’t worry. Sometimes it takes 1-3 days to give payment in case of problems. You can withdraw when you reach $1.00.

See some of my payments made from 2Captcha

Payment proof of 2captcha

If you face any problem, please comment below. I shall try to solve Insha Alllah.

19. Hope all will be fine for you.

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