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Some Common Bad Effects Of Smoking.

Smoking means in healing smoke by burning cigarette or tobacco products. It is the exercise where a tobacco substance is burnt that vomits smoke and a smoker inhales it. It is the one of the most burning issues in the twenty first century. Every aged person like young, adult, child, women and old are affected with this bad and dreadful habit.

Smoking is dangerous and harmful to any body and health. The system may vary from person to person. Cigarette, pipe,or hookah are remarkable. Smoking element is basically dependent on tobacco products. Cigarette contains many toxic elements. Nicotine is the most dangerous and harmful to any health.

We may call it as the mother of poisons.  When a cigarette is burnt, it vomits thousands of toxic chemicals. Many of them can cause cancer. That can cause death.

Image of cigeratte.

Image of cigarette

Why people addict to smoke?

Basically people begin to smoke when they are teen-ages. It is  such a bad habit that it can’t be easily given up. They smoke with their friends for a matter of play but it has tremendous bad effect after some days. They are basically addicted with full range. It exists even their old ages. Adults persons become addicted with smoking when they are under a lot of pressures and distresses of economic and familial problems. When people of different ages face any problem, they think smoking may give them release from tension. That is why people of different ages addict in smoking. We have seen many women who were not addicted to smoking, but their familial pressure and mental torture leads them to smoking. It has tremendous bad effects on their metal, health and their children.

Some common bad effects of smoking are:

1.It directly affects on poor vision ( damages eye-sight).

2. It decreases appetite for food.

3.It can increase coughing.

4.It causes lung cancer.

5.It creates Bronchitis and skin diseases

6.It makes a man anxiety, bad moody, angry and nervous.

7. The color of leap and finger of a smoker becomes black.

8. ‍Skin may be grained.

9. The color of teeth gradually becomes bad-color.

10. Smoking can cause diabetes in a smoker’s body.

11. It causes immature hair fall.

12.Smoking causes hypertension that increase the risk of heart attack .

13.It is very dangerous for any pregnancy woman.

14. When a mother is smoker, her addicted to smoking is very fatal effects on her baby.

15.It has a risk to increase backbone pain.

16.It has high risk for mouth cancer.

17.It can increase the risk of  stomach cancer.

18. It  can cause breast cancer for women  if women are  active smokers.

19. A very bad smell comes from the face of smoker.

20.The use of tobacco based products  has killed 100 million people in the last 20th century

According to American lungs Association -`Smoking contributes to 80% of lung cancer deaths in women and 90% of lung cancer deaths in men.

So smoking is very dangerous for every human body. It causes cancer and ultimately cancer causes death.

If we want to make  healthy life, we should give up smoking, a heinous habit, in order to be cancer free life.

When a smoker smokes it directly pollutes air.It is one of the small reasons of global warming. Again an active smoker wastes his valuable money and time. He not only damages his health but also damages a passive smoker’s ( who is not actually a smoker but is affected by an active smoker when he passes or stays with the active smoker) health. A smoker is a disgrace to his family and society.

Government of every country can shut down the company of tobacco and cigarette not increasing the high rate of taxes. From the beginning of a child, every parent should be aware if their dearest child is affected with smoking or not. Every body should be aware of it.

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