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Tree Plantation for twenty first century.

Tree plantation means planting more and more small trees or seeds in an area.  Trees are friends for men. Where there are no trees  there are deserts in the world, like Sahara, Gobi, Kalahari, karoo desert, Namib desert, Danakil desert, Grand Bara desert, Ogaden desert, Chalbi desert, Nyiri desert, Lompoul desert, Sinai desert, Blue desert, Atlantic Coastal desert, Arabian Desert, Judaean desert, Kara Kum desert, Lop Desert

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নারকেল গাছ

Dengeness desert, Carcross desert, Rhn desert, Central velley desert, Atacama desert,Gibson desert, Great Sandy desert,Simpson desert,Tanami desert, and other deserts.

“Where there is tree, there is life.” Tree and human life are vitally inter-related with each other. It gives the security of our personal, national or international life. Because almost all living beings are dependent on trees directly or indirectly. Such as almost all living beings on the earth live on plant- oriented food like delicious nutritive fruits, vegetables leaves etc.

We get our valuable oxygen from trees that is dependent on trees. Besides we get vitamins, mineral, salts, cloth, home, medicine,

wood etc from trees. In a word, no part of tree is useless. They protect our houses from terrible cyclone and fearful storms and save the land from erosion.

Sundarban is in the southern part of Bangladesh. It protects us from many natural disasters like cyclones, tornado and marine bore etc. Trees produce oxygen and receive carbon-dioxide by means of photosynthesis. As a result the trees play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance.

The trees are protecting our ozone layer and saving us from the bad effect of global warming. In this sense an environmentalist says-“without sufficient tree, balance in the environment is quite impossible.” The climatologists predict that to maintain ecological balance, we need 25%land for forest of our total land areas but we have only 16% land for forest of or total land areas. On the other hand people of our country are cutting down trees indiscriminately.

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After that, deforestation (cutting down trees) is increasing day by day. Besides, the change of climate and natural calamities like heavy rainfall or irregular rainfall etc are the consequences of global warming. So we can say that cutting down trees indiscriminately increases air pollution, green house effect ecological imbalance and turning the country into desert.

To save the mature, we should stop deforestation and grow more trees. June and July is the best time for tree plantation. We can plant trees on both sides of the roads or high ways, see-beaches, low-laying lands. Even our Government has taken some steps for tree plantation program so we should decorate our environment with trees by making a slogan  “Transplant trees and  Save the environment”.

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