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What is done in On Page Optimization?

On page optimization is the process of optimizing a website with search engines by doing some regular internal actions in a specific website. The Elements of on page optimization are very very important in SEO . If you want to be a successful SEO expert, you should have adequate knowledge about on page optimization. Today I am writing about on page optimization content/element.

Web Content Rich: 

The content of a website should be unique and standard. It must not be copied from other websites. Your content may be image, audio, video or text. Your contents are assets of your website.

Website Decorate:

Decoration is attraction. A website should be well decorated. It must have well negation system.  Your website should have home page, contract button or other button that looks a website well decorated.

Keyword Research:

Keywords are such types of words that  visitors  search from search engines for getting their desired information or results. Keyword research is very important in SEO. Keyword research should be done at a regular interval.

Long Tail Keyword:

Long tail keyword means that the keyword should be greater than smaller. The keyword of post should be longer than smaller because most visitors search on search engines by using long keywords.

Keyword Density:

Keyword density means the percentage of using keyword. When a post is ready to post, an SEO expert needs to detect the keyword density or the percentage of keyword used. It should be 1.5-2.00%. Remember, the keyword density should not use less than 1% and more than 2.5%.

Competitor Analysis:

If any business wants to survive in the competition, needs to analyze its competitors.By making regular analysis, a business can go ahead by finding and solving compared to their competitors analysis.

Meta Title:

Meta title is SEO friendly. It is not  the title of a post but it is the title of SEO. It is not more than 60 characters.Most search engines use maximum 60 characters for a meta title. If your website is WordPress based, you can install a plug in named “All in one seo pack” from clicking plugin<add new,<search “all in one seo pack” < click install<click on activate. It will help you for various purpose like meta title.

Meta Description:

Meta description is the summery of a post within 160 characters. Most search engines use maximum 160 characters. Search engines use meta description for making quick relevant information to visitors.

Image Optimization :

The image of a website should be optimized with search engine by using image alter tag. Search Engines can’t read image. So the images of your website should be optimized with search engines.


Permalink is the url of a post. The targeted keywords of your post should be set in a permalink.

Website Submit:

The website should be submitted in various webmaster tools. To be indexed and making search appearance, your website should be submitted to search engines.

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