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What is search engine and how does it work?

Search Engine is actually a software system. It is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web and it corresponds to the searched keywords by visitors. It generates search results for the visitors when they search their desired information through online.

How search engine works?

Search engines crawl on every submitted website for a regular intervals and collect information, store it in its database and generate search results for the visitors when they search. Search Engines perform some activities/ functions to make search results.

performs crawling, indexing, processing and retrieving results.

Crawling: Crawling means following a link and visits a website or a page. Search Engine spider or crawler comes to a webpage following our sitemap. Actually sitemap helps spider to crawl a page. When we go to a new city, we need a map of that city. If we have a map of that city, we can easily go everywhere by following map. So search engine spider also follows sitemap of a website that we generally create for a website.

Indexing: Indexing means adding a webpage in the Google or other search engines’ search results. If you submit your site into Google, then Google will index your all Web Pages.

Processing: When a search request comes from visitors, search engine begins to create search results based on indexed pages in their database.

Retrieving: Retrieving result is basically the best matched searched results given by Search Engines.

List of Search Engines.

There are many search engines. There is a list of search engines in the following.





5.Aol search


7.Web Crawler

8.My Web Search

9.Info space


11.DuckDuck Go







18.Entire Web




We have come to know some search engines but Google is the most widely used search engine. Approximately 95% people of the world use Google as their search method or search engine.

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