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Horizoncommnication Wireless ISP ICO.

What is Horizon Communications? Horizon Communications (Horizon) is a technology driven company that will use next generation, fixed wireless LTE to deliver its service offerings. Horizon’s goal is to provide high speed internet (150mbps in 2018 and 300mbps in 2019), high definition Cable TV and VOIP telephone services in areas where customers currently receive poor, […]

Konios Project Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

About KON Project The KON token is a utility token. This Product is not a digital currency, security, commodity or other financial instrument and has not been created or registered under any state’s securities laws, including the securities laws of any jurisdiction to which a potential holder of a KON Token is subject. KON-Tokens cannot […]

KRYLL.IO-Automated Crypto Trading Strategies made simple.

About KRYLL is the ultimate platform for cryptocurrency traders who are looking to use the most advanced trading tools and strategies, as well as the combined intelligence of the community in order to achieve the best returns in cryptocurrency markets. The platform provides intuitive ways to create your own trading strategies and set them […]

বাংলাদেশের সোস্যাল সাইট থেকে প্রতি রেফারেল থেকে পাবেন ৮ টাকা

সোস্যাল সাইট থেকে ইনকাম করুন, সাথে পেমেন্ট প্রুফ বাংলাদেশের সোস্যাল সাইট থেকে প্রতি রেফারেল থেকে পাবেন ৮ টাকা  এইটা আমার প্রথম পেমেন্টঃ   সেরা পাঁচটা ফ্রী বিটকয়েন আয়ের সাইট, ফ্রীতে বিটকয়েন আয় করুণ। জীবনপাতা ফেসবুকের মতো একটা সোস্যাল সাইট, যেখানে আপনি ফেসবুকের মত সব করতে পারবেন। প্র‌ত্যেকটি দে‌শের আলাদা আলাদা সোস্যাল সাইট র‌য়ে‌ছে। সে‌ক্ষে‌ত্রে বাংলা‌দে‌শের […]

Ecex Exchange – Ziggurat (ZIG) Token ICO

About Ecex.Exchange Ecex.Exchange is registered trademark of PlanetZiggurat. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  PlanetZiggurat goal is to bring assignments on Ecex.Exchange trading platform. We will fill the gap by creating a market environment, system for active trading platform of assignment agreements. This means changing of owners of […]

BAANX-The 1st Crypto-Financial Services Network

What is BAANX? BAANX is the 1st Crypto-Financial Services Network is here with a team having 100 years in Banking & Technology. Currently in the Blockchain Crypto-Financial Services market there are huge gaps across product lines such as Crypto balance Insurance, Crypo-Payments, Exchanges, Highly Secure Wallets and the release of Cryptobank services. Baanx has already delivered […]

Stremity-Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

WHAT IS STREAMITY? The STREAMITY project is focused on creating a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that includes a broad range of services. The goal is to ensure users can benefit from the developments in the cryptocurrency market, while mitigating risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange. The key element of the STREAMITY project is the […]

Safein-A revolutionary way to pay online.

What is Safein? Safein is a decentralized single sign-on blockchain based ecosystem for your identity and payments.  Safein offers a single sign-on digital wallet enabling users to quickly, safely and conveniently conduct their activities online through a one-stop-shop for all on-line authentications and payments. With our platform, digital customers can easily demon-strate their true identities […]

Smart Valle — A place where innovations are born every day

About SMART Valley Project SMART Valley is a decentralized valley of innovations that brings together three key entities – “Backer”, “Project”, and “Expert” in a closed ecosystem of professional community, where all members are united by the same purpose  – to create advanced, high-potential technologies. The SMART Valley ecosystem gives its participants an opportunity to […]

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